Pro Audio Repair & Musical Instrument Repair FAQ

Why trust dBm with your baby?
Because Bob Dylan, U2, The Who, and Lenny Kravitz do.

“This is an emergency!” We have a solution for that.

We offer a rush service for a fee. See below for details.

“I am not in New York.” Location is not an issue.

We offer the advantage of audio equipment and musical instrument repair to anyone, anywhere. See our instructions below on how to ship your item to us.

What all do you do? Just about everything.

We offer a stunning variety of factory-authorized services, from restoration, to repairs and overhauls, not to mention set-up and maintenance.

Digidesign by Avid Technology Power
Roland- All Musical & Pro Sound Products
JBL- All Live & Studio Sound Products, Speaker Reconing
Korg - All Keyboards, Vox & Blackstar Amplification
Yamaha - All Live & Pro Sound Products, Keyboards, Guitars and Amplification (Yamaha & Line 6)
Mackie - All Pro Sound product

Frequently Asked Questions

“I need my gear fixed yesterday! Can you handle it?”

In short, yes. Well, not yesterday, but ASAP!

Typically, turn around is 2-3 weeks, including finding parts, and actual repair.

But, we do offer a Rush Service for an additional fee of $75 to $125, depending on whether you choose a 1 week or emergency time frame.

“Do you offer a guarantee on repairs?”

We have built our business on our reputation. That means a lot to us.

dBm Pro Audio/Music Services guarantees all of its non-warranty repairs for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of pickup or delivery. If the unit fails with the SAME PROBLEM within this period, return the unit immediately and we will service it at no charge. If the unit requires ADDITIONAL PARTS to solve the ORIGINAL problem, you will be charged ONLY for the parts.

ALL returns are subject to inspection and evaluation by dBm. If, upon inspection, it has been determined that the unit in question has been subsequently modified, abused, tampered with, or repaired by another service organization, the customer will be duly notified and an estimate for the additional incurred diagnostic and service charges will be issued.


“I am not in New York. Can I ship my gear to be fixed?”

You bet!

If you are shipping in a unit for repair, please enclose a detailed description of the problem, suggestions on how to reproduce the problem if only seen intermittently, and (if the unit is under warranty) a photo copy of your original sales receipt, so we can honor your warranty claim.

Pack the unit WELL (preferably in the original box and packing) and send (insured) to:

dBm Pro Audio Repair
276 Meserole St
Brooklyn, NY 11206 USA

We’re sure you understand that dBm is not responsible for damage or loss incurred due to inadequate packing materials or improper box labeling.

A few ways to make sure your gear arrives in good condition:

  • Be sure to use a heavy-gauge cardboard box in good condition with at least 4 inches of packing material (e.g. crushed newspaper, bubble-wrap, etc.) on ALL sides.
  • Heavy items such as Power Amps and such should be packed in a DOUBLE-WALL BOX.
  • Cover any old labels on the box that you use.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS UNLESS THE UNIT IS WRAPPED IN A PLASTIC BAG FIRST! The residue generated by this messy packing material can be detrimental to the operation of electronic and electromechanical equipment, as it tends to lodge itself in switches, connectors, key contacts, gears, etc. Doing so will void your warranty.

Shipping International Units? All international units MUST be accompanied by a COMMERCIAL INVOICE containing the item description and commercial value.

Shipping from a storefront shipper (Mailboxes, UPS Store)? Supply us with a personal return address, phone number and contact name, NOT the address and phone number of the shipper! ANY units received in this manner will be sidelined until you contact dBm.

What happens when your unit arrives? You will be issued a work order #, which you will refer to anytime thereafter when inquiring about your repair.

“What exactly do you do?”


  • is factory-authorized by most major manufacturers of pro audio, amplification, keyboards, guitars, sound and DJ gear.
  • is fully equipped to perform restoration, repairs, and overhauls on vintage tube guitar amps and audio gear, as well as vintage keyboards.
  • services ALL DAW/digital recording gear, including, but not limited to Avid/Digidesign audio hardware, plus all mfrs. digital mixers.
  • maintains a vast hard copy and computer service documentation library of over 20,000 manuals from over 300 manufacturers.
  • is a full-service, factory-authorized acoustic and electric guitar and bass repair, set-up and maintenance facility.
  • is a full-service speaker recone center, and maintains a large stock of replacement speakers, drivers and diaphragms.
  • stocks hundreds of tubes and parts for Pro Audio and Musical Instrument applications (including hard-to-find AMPEG tubes)

“I have a tight budget.”

Well, we have a sweet spot when it comes to budgets. After all, we put HUGE MUSCLE into our work.

We think you will find that getting your gear fixed right, and on time, is worth every penny.

Get in Touch With Our Musical Instrument Repair & Audio Equipment Repair Specialists

and get your gear fixed right

PS: If you don’t have a current repair need, let’s keep in touch for the future.

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