New York's Leading Specialists in Restoration, Service and Maintenance of Audio Equipment and Musical Instruments

We offer a stunning variety of factory-authorized services, from restoration, to repairs and overhauls, not to mention set-up and maintenance, including the vintage instruments mentioned below.*

You can carry in or ship in the following types of products to be serviced, or for your convenience, we also provide house calls & on location services.

Why trust dBm with your baby? Because Bob Dylan, U2, The Who, and Lenny Kravitz do.

Ampeg - part of the Yamaha Guitar Group
Roland- All Musical & Pro Sound Products
JBL- All Live & Studio Sound Products, Speaker Reconing
Korg - All Keyboards, Vox & Blackstar Amplification
Yamaha - All Live & Pro Sound Products, Keyboards, Guitars and Amplification (Yamaha & Line 6)
Kurzweil Music Systems - a company that produces electronic musical instruments

Products We Service

Did you know? dBm is THE major servicer of high-power amplifiers in the NY/Tri-State area, fully authorized by Crown, Crest, QSC and Carver, the four major manufacturers of power amplifiers used today by all major sound contractors. We provide quick turnover and high reliability due to our large parts stock and 24-hour burn-in testing.

  • ADAT, DAT, HD, Mini-Disc & CD-R
  • Analog & Digital Delays, Reverbs & MultiEFX
  • Analog and Digital Mixers
  • Cassette Decks, CD Players, & Turntables
  • DAW Systems (NYC ProTools Specialists)
  • DJ Gear (inc. Pioneer CDJ, Serato, etc.)
  • Drum Machines & Sequencers
  • Dynamics Processors
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Basses
  • Electronic Crossovers
  • Electronic Drum Kits/Modules
  • Electric Pianos (Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes)*
  • Equalizers (inc. Digital)
  • Hohner Clavinets*
  • Guitar, Bass & Keyboard Amps (incl vintage)*
  • Guitar Setups
  • Guitar/Bass Stomp Boxes & EFX Units
  • Microphones (including wireless)
  • MIDI Controllers (all types)
  • Vintage Analog and Digital Synths (Minimoogs & all others)*
  • PA and Studio Speaker Systems
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Professional & Home Electronic Keyboards/Synthesizers & Samplers
  • Reel-to-Reel & Cassette Multitrack Recorders
  • Sound/Synth Modules
  • Speaker Reconing (done on premises)
  • Vintage Tube Audio Gear (original specs restored or modified per customer’s request)*

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Pro Audio Equipment Repair - Brooklyn, NY

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