Get your prized audio equipment and musical instruments fixed by the PROs.

Put our 50+ years of combined repair experience to work for you.

No repair contract is too large or too small for us. Along with our carry in / ship in services, we offer house calls and on location services, guitar set-ups, and services for vintage and high-ticket items.

We serve broadcasters, recording studies and musicians.

Yamaha - All Live & Pro Sound Products, Keyboards, Guitars and Amplification (Yamaha & Line 6)
Mackie - All Pro Sound product
JBL- All Live & Studio Sound Products, Speaker Reconing
Korg - All Keyboards, Vox & Blackstar Amplification
Marshall Amplification - a British company that designs and manufactures music amplifiers, speaker cabinets, brands personal headphones and earphones
Roland- All Musical & Pro Sound Products

dBm Pro Audio Repair Rates

Carry-in/Ship-in Service: $150.00/hr 1 hr minimum

  • All non-warranty repairs require a $150.00 deposit.
  • Vintage gear, high-ticket items and special projects require a $300.00 deposit.

Please CONTACT US BEFORE shipping your equipment to us.  Your repair must be approved before we can accept anything that is shipped to our shop.


  • Warranty status on your gear will be determined by the dbm Technical Staff.
  • Proof-Of-Purchase within the warranty period is NOT a guarantee that your unit will be serviced under warranty.
  • A warranty covers manufacturer’s defects under normal use. Any defect or damage that is user-inflicted is not covered by warranty.


There will be a $50.00 surcharge added to your final bill for the use of customer-supplied parts for repairs or modifications. In addition, the 60-day warranty is forfeited, as well as no guarantee of proper operation with these parts installed. You proceed at your own risk.

House Calls/On-Location Service: 150.00/hr 3 hr minimum

  • Client incurs all travel expenses.
  • Outside of Brooklyn, the time-clock starts, and stops, upon travel commencement, and end of trip, respectively.

Contact us below, to get started.

Estimates on Vintage, High-Ticket, Specialty Items: $150 1 hr or $300 2 hrs

  • Non-refundable and must be prepaid.
  • Estimates must be approved within 5 business days.
  • Estimate Fee is included with service if work is performed by dBm.
  • Estimates must be specifically requested, or work will be performed outright.


We retain the deposit fee on all declined estimates.

Not applicable to house call or on-location services.

Guitar Setups (electric, acoustic, acoustic/electric guitars & basses)


Standard setup consists of:

  • neck
  • bridge
  • pickup
  • machine head adjustment
  • surface-polishing of frets
  • cleaning/treatment of fingerboard
  • lubrication of moving parts and string contact points
  • checking/cleaning of electronics
  • general maintenance,
  • cleaning and polishing.

Strings, parts, and additional non-inclusive work are extra.

Please inquire below about your specific guitar type.

Special Projects / Custom Work Quotes

Have a unique project? We’ve got you.

Some examples of the types of projects we do:

  • studio design and wiring
  • custom cable harnesses
  • custom guitar work

We’d love to give you a quote. Please contact us below to get the process started.

Rush Service: when you need it really fast!

We offer two levels of rush service:

  • Same Day/Overnight: $150.00 hr
  • 1 Week Turn-Around: $100.00 hr (additional fees, not covered by any warranties)

Please inquire below to get immediate attention.

Three easy steps to getting back to business...

Pro Audio Repairs, Brooklyn, NY

Contact us, by clicking the button below, or call us at 212.629.0326.

Pro Audio Equipment Repair - Brooklyn, NY

We email you a quote to get started and you pay online.

Pro Audio Equipment Repair - Brooklyn, NY

Rest easy. We update your repair ticket at each stage of the process.

PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects.

Here’s a Glimpse of Our Specialties

Pro Audio & Guitar Amp Parts

We can supply you with both generic and proprietary parts for your repair and service needs. From schematics, resistors, capacitors, switches, pots, lamps, to complete PC boards, modules, and cosmetic parts. We have it all.

NYC's Only Speaker Recone Facility

We service all brands of speakers, including vintage guitar speakers. We stock recone kits for most major brands and models of modern and vintage speakers, as well as a large stock of HF drivers and diaphragms.

Champion 600 Frondelli Mod Kit

Fender Champion 600 & Gretsch 5222 Amp owners, turn your little cruncher into a fire-breathing dragon with the exclusive and popular Champion 600 Frondelli Mod Kit. Call for yours now: 212-629-0326!

Digidesign by Avid Technology Power Supply Parts

Power supply harnesses available here. This common repair part remedies many problems with these industry-standard ProTools controllers. Call our parts experts at 212-629-0326 to place your order.

HHB & Sennheiser Wireless Legacy Service

We are the exclusive USA service center for legacy HHB products, including the popular FlashMic DRM85, as well as the ever-popular Sennheiser wireless microphone systems.

Resurrect Your Dying Classic Keyboard

Roland Juno-106 owners, dBm’s highly-skilled technicians can refurbish the original parts, re-calibrate the synth and return it to its original glory permanently!

Get in Touch With Our Musical Instrument Repair Specialists

and get playing again

PS: If you don’t have a current repair need, let’s keep in touch for the future.

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